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Bass Lessons online from a Nashville Session Pro: I've never been hired to play a scale!

Greetings from Nashville! We are deep in new challenges that brings fresh opportunities as well in improving as our bass playing and overall musicianship.

My mission is to present practical information as a studio bassist working professionally since 1975. Of course, music and the demands of competency in playing bass constantly evolves.

In my 30 plus years as a private teacher to those who have gone on to better gigs, play pro or semi pro, or just to better their musicianship, the one thing they have in common regardless of the style of music they play... is the music fact- based practicing they study with me. It's been said that a steady diet of scale practice exclusive to key centers and functional harmony is not beneficial because it does not define tonality, and can impede music growth.

Over the years, I've had heated but friendly discussions with young musicians about this very issue.. On occasion, I've taken them to sessions with me. In that environment, you demonstrate with ability or you have no career. This is a simple fact. I so much enjoyed sharing with these student my work days and '' flow '' of recording sessions. They had a great time meeting the other musicians on the date as well as the engineer and producer. Afterwards, we had short discussion of the nuts and bolts of the music. They were stunned to realize there never was a mention of a scale in producing this music.

During the session, communication concerned keys, chords, bar length and in a defined harmonic structure. Note that this '' language'' can be learned thru learning to read and/or utilizing written music to learn musicianship and play better.

Every aspect of music can be learned and absorbed in a relevant manner by reading music.. I like to think of it as being a Bass Musician!!

I am passionate about teaching and ALL my students learn how to play better, and become competent musicians who can compete in the real world of music.. contact me by using the contact form on my website... I teach worldwide thru Skype and live in Nashville

'' I'd personally go with Steve Bryant in Nashville, where I sent all my former students to, since I'm not teaching anymore....he's a long-time successful studio musician and long-time fine educator, the only one I'd send everyone to online. He'll get you going correctly in all styles of music inc. Jazz if you want.''

- Carol Kaye, World renowned Studio Legend and Educator of 1000's of bassists.. author of over 30 books and courses for electric bass and guitar.

" Working with Steve showed me the path of least resistance towards understanding chordal theory and breaking down any type of harmony to its core components. Now my ears can easily recognize pretty much any combination of notes that I want to either learn or compose. Not to mention plenty of real world info from his many years spent as a pro bassist. Time well spent! "

-Tyrone Coughlin .. Nashville Bassist

'' Steve Bryant is as rare as hens' teeth. He has it all.., chops, fluency as well as maturity and restraint. He is also one of the most personable, friendly, humble and sincere folks you could ever meet or work with. And, he shares all of these wonderful attributes to all who study under his tutelage. He teaches as well as he plays and focuses on real musical knowledge and skills, not fretboard gymnastics and gimmicks If you want the very best, contact Steve and see for yourself.

Phillip Holbrook- Valdosta Ga. Bassist

If you want to learn Real Deal Real World Bass Musicianship, Contact me at : or, Fill out the contact form here on my website.

Learn a skill that will last a lifetime..

Thanks for visiting my site!


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