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I've been using Steve Bryant for 25 years now on every session I do, whether it's a record I'm producing or if I just need a killer demo of a song. Rather than tell you what a great bass player he is, or all around guy... just know that I won't do a session if he isn't available. He's that important to my sound and sanity!

Jim Femino

Writer/Producer, Multiple Award-Winning and Grammy-Nominated Songwriter (James Otto , Toby Keith, Ronnie Milsap, etc.)

Over the years, we have done sessions together where we quickly jump from Country to Pop to Hard rock, back to Country, etc., and Steve Bryant rolls with it and never misses a beat! I know it's going to be a good day when I walk into a session and see Steve there. He always has a smile on his face and always brings the pocket and big fat tone!

Blair Daly

Hit Songwriter & Producer, Writer for Backstreet Boys, Faith Hill, Little Big Town, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts

I just imported a bass track played by the great Steve Bryant on a hard-driving rock song. The part is perfect from a taste, timing, and tuning perspective. The tones just sit in the mix with no engineering wizardry needed. Simply outstanding! If you are in the Nashville area, he can come to your session. If you live elsewhere, he can record it remotely. Top end skills. Top end gear.

Earl Ricker

Producer/Co-Founder Missional Marketing (Arizona)

Steve Bryant is one of the most talented, punctual, friendly, joyful, energetic, and inspirational musicians I have ever had the pleasure to create with. His bass playing is so exceptional that I break out smiling. I am in gratitude he shares his talent and friendship with me.

Kent Blazy

Artist & Songwriter: "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and "Ain't Goin' Down Till the Sun Comes Up" (Garth Brooks)

Best Bottom Man in the Business!

Tom Long

V.P. of Publishing, Balmur Entertainment - Creative Director ASCAP


Steve Bryant's practical and professional advice and instruction provided me with a solid foundation to make my passion my profession. There is a big difference between playing bass and being a bass player. Steve helped me bridge that gap.

Lee Francis

Bassist/Bandleader for Jon Pardi and The All Nighters

What a great teacher!!! Working with Steve Bryant is an absolute delight. In our many sessions together, he is always articulate, methodical, patient, and sincere - not to mention always great for a laugh. His approach to teaching chord theory is nothing short of exceptional! As a result of listening and putting in the time to get the concepts under my fingers, I now physically approach the bass differently, have a noticeably richer tone, and find myself creating melodic bass lines in the moment, without having to think about it.

Timothy Nobles

15+ Year Touring/Studio Bassist with Major and Independent Recording Artists

From the moment I ran across Steve Bryant's YouTube videos, I knew he was offering something different, and special.  I found being mentored by Steve just as beneficial as his music instruction.  Steve can not only advise on music business situations, he is also one of the most kind individuals I have ever met.  I am a better person for knowing him. His tools and techniques have allowed me to perform at higher skill levels with confidence  and play some pretty cool gigs along the way!

Matt Kelley

Steve Bryant practices what he preaches, and does it in an enjoyable, understanding manner. The "show me this lick" method doesn't work, but Steve's approach does. More importantly, he cares about his students and their progress and is always supportive.

Mark Galbraith

Student via Skype Lessons

Steve Bryant cuts out the nonsense and shares with you real world knowledge, techniques, and methods that he himself uses on a daily basis as a Nashville session player. Studying with Steve is one light bulb going off after another. No matter your level of experience or style, you will be a better musician after studying with Steve.

Matt Cantin

Nashville Bassist

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