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Steve Bryant has recorded with top name producers, artists and writers as a full-time bassist in Nashville for over 35 years.


In addition to Nashville studio sessions, Steve is now available for tracking bass remotely on your project via ProTools at home.

You can expect a Class A sound with a gear list that includes Neve Portico II, Focusrite, Demeter, ADL, and Sebatron. Bass guitars include a Tyler 5-string, Sadowsky 5-string, '57 Reissue P-bass with Thomastick flat wounds, and a Nash Jazz bass.

Steve Bryant also offers bass mentoring and lessons to those wanting to learn the real world skills that are needed to succeed in the competitive world of professional music. Mentoring and lessons are offered in-person (Nashville) or online via Skype.

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Contact Steve Bryant for your next Nashville recording session

or for remote bass track recording!

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