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Nashville Pro Bassist Bass Lessons- Testimonial

One of the greatest rewards for me as a serious music content ONLY educator is the wonderful messages I receive from current and former students of how they are doing in the REAL WORLD of gigging, recording work, live shows, etc.. This simply stands as to the truth of better musicianship through the hard work of the student as well as the proof of the progress they have made in lessons with me..

Jake Barr is a very busy bassist in Nashville and on the road.. also he is making serious progress in the recording field.. sharing here in his words what studying with me AND his hard work in practicing what I have assigned has contributed to his career..

Jake, my heartfelt thanks for this .. and in your own words and completely unedited by me..

"The first year I lived here in Nashville, I pursued Steve Bryant and seized every opportunity to learn from and be mentored by him. I'm eternally grateful that I did, as he equipped me with the tools and knowledge I needed to succeed as a professional musician, here in what I believe to be the biggest music producing city in the world. I can't begin to count the number of times I drew upon the wisdom and knowledge he imparted, in order for me to succeed in this line of work. If I weren't so busy these days, thanks to him, I'd still be bugging him every week for another lesson! Haha! I still intend to...

Whether it be technical, mental, or relational skills, I felt like Mr. Bryant always ensured that I was well-equipped with what I needed to address any issue in the music industry. In my opinion, his teaching and mentoring abilities are unparalleled. Steve Bryant is not only an excellent teacher and mentor, but he also employs a vast wealth of knowledge and experience that any student (at any level) can benefit from! I'm so grateful to have found such a great example of excellence, discipline, kindness and professionalism.

Steve Bryant is my hero..."

Jake Barr, Nashville Bassist for Tiffany, Jeremy McComb and Bone Feather

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