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Nashville Bassist, Remote Recording and Bass Mentoring/ Lessons via Skype.. and LIVE on the Radio...

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I'll be live on Radio Free Nashville this evening ( 2/26/2018) @ at 7:30 pm C.S.T. on WRFN-FM 107.1 & 103.7 or listen on the web from Geo OnTheRadio hosted by my old friend George Adams. We'll be playing music and Hits I've played bass on, discussing the session/music business. personal stories from my many years as a studio and touring musician.. as well as my private teaching..

So much to discuss in a professional career that began in 1975 touring with Buffy St. Marie doing shows with Kris Kristofferson/Rita Coolidge .. lots to share with anecdotes , stories, and some laughs as well..

My role as a session musician has been eclectic and rewarding. Doing sessions is equal parts psychology, listening, and skill. The technology of recording has now made it possible to send bass tracks to anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world.... It truly is an amazing platform of getting pro quality musicians on your songs regardless of where you live. I've worked with some amazing people that way!

I've been teaching Bass and Music Theory privately for years. some of my former students have gone on to the the level of pro bassists in the recording and touring business.. and many to satisfy their own critique and get better quality work. I've gotten just as much joy and satisfaction with getting a student to the '' Ah -Ha moment'' as playing a great bass line in the studio or stage.. Studying music content does this every time ..

Looking forward to the show tonite... Hope you can join!

Blessings and Happiness,


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