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About my bass and musicianship lessons/mentoring

Many times I've been asked general questions on setting up a lesson with me via Skype regardless of where you live. Online learning is convenient and no commuting ( even if you live in the Nashville area. ( I do schedule at limited times in person if you are within driving distance to Nashville or planing a visit to check out the music scene )

Contact me thru the contact form here on my website. I can also be reached by email: I accept payment via PayPal. use my email address to make your deposit:

My fee is $ 83.00 for a 70 min lesson. Payment must be made prior to our scheduled lesson. I require a 24 hour cancellation notice and we will reschedule finding the best time that works for both of us.

My skype address is stevenontheone.

Please let me know what your skype address is and prior to our session, I will create an invite and we'll be good to go:-)

I strongly recommend headphones for the best sound and isolation.

You'll learn functional harmony, reading, and musicianship as well as what and how to practice to become a better bass musician and open doors to better gigs, jobs, and sessions. A daily diet of short periods of daily practice is best to produce results. It's more important what you do everyday rather than what you do intermittently.

Many bassists coming to Nashville who wish to pursue '' the holy grail'' of session work need a solid grounding in chordal theory and reading number charts as well as a steady diet of learning notation.. This ensures being qualified to play the gig.

While the bulk of my students are pro or semi- pro level... I do accept serious students who may be in their first few months of playing...but do keep in mind we will learn music content and theory.. This is what makes you a better player! please be prepared to make commitment to practice daily for 20 min. minimum each day. Learning is fun and easy by taking a subject at a time. You'll soon get that rush of the feeling of improvement .. and that includes improvement that others can hear as well.

I've been playing professionally since 1975 and have been teaching since 1979, even while maintaining a full touring/session schedule. I am driven to share my knowledge and experience. Since retiring from active session work in 2022, I've devoted myself as a full time Educator, also doing remote recording and consultation with songwriters in their own recording projects.

  • I am honored and proud to say I am the only bassist the legendary Carol Kaye recommends on her website. visit her site at Go to the tab marked Skype Lessons and you will see my endorsement. Carol has retired from teaching.. BTW, Her books and tutors are some of the very best out there and I highly recommentd them.. they are very modestly priced and ship fast.. I will recommend certain books to students based on their current abilities.

A quote from Carol Kaye:

'' I highly recommend the fine Steve Bryant, excellent lifelong teacher, and top studio bass player in Nashville for all lessons online.....he's taken over my students and doing a great job. I always highly recommend him ( on my website also) ...Steve is a long-proven great studio bassist in Nashville, and a fine experienced Educator who uses my books and methods in his fine teaching! I'm not teaching anymore and highly recommend Steve for bass.''

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Making an important point with a Skype student in Brazil

Bass Lesson from a studio pro
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