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Nashville Online Bass Lessons from Veteran Studio Pro.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

There's nothing like personalized instruction regardless of where you live. I've taught hundreds of students over the decades looking for better work by upgrading their skills.

So much has changed in our world over the last few months, with more people working at home and possibly making a permanent change in their work environment and eschewing the commute to the office and new ways of communicating remotely. I've taught students via Skype and Facetime for over 15 years on all continents and they learned well to get better gigs, recording jobs and expanded playing opportunities.

A focused 20 to 30 minutes of practicing as an everyday discipline on what I assign my students brings measurable results. and improvement that others can hear as well:-)

Learning music from a dedicated professional creates an education opportunity that is custom designed to the students needs and ability level.

In addition to being taught the craft of playing at a pro-level standard with music content learning , You'll gain insights to the business and art of music as well. I've taught some of the current crop of top bassists in the recording and touring field and they learned what it takes to compete in the Real Deal, Real World of Music..

You'll learn musicianship, Theory, reading, building your own bass lines, ear training and more.. This is also a great time for older players to update skills and to satisfy their own critique.

Here's a few stories from former students

'' Taking lessons from Steve Bryant brought major clarity to music theory. He taught me the ins and outs of working as a professional musician. Steve taught me how to practice and how to understand what I was hearing, ultimately improving the way I play today.''

Griffin Myers - Nashville Bassist

'' Studying with Steve was one of the most transformative experiences I've ever had. Beyond improving my technique, apart from improving my musical knowledge, it made me a much better creative. It's great to learn from someone with Mr. Bryant's tremendous art, music and life experience.''

Roberto Schmidt, - Porto Alegre, Brazil

'' Working with Steve was an eye-opening experience! It opened up a new concept of learning that changed the way I view music education and the bass overall. What I learned from Steve has applied well when having to learn new songs in a short time as well as coming up with creative and interesting bass lines. 

Seth A. Dearinger- Nashville Tenn

'' "Steve's method of teaching is by far the best!  He breaks things down into very easy to follow steps that set you up for success.  Steve has helped me propel my bass playing to a whole new level and, more importantly, has made me a better musician.”

-Tim McEneany - Bassist and Producer - Chicago ILL.


Here is a vid from 2011 for Bass Frontiers magazine.. holding forth on chords and their function and especially WHY the bass player needs to know his or her chords! So very essential and important:

Contact me to schedule an online session by filling out the contact form on this website.. or directly:

Musical Regards!!

Steve Bryant

Nashville Session Bassist/Educator

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