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Nashville Bass Lessons Online: Fundamentals part two and grooving with a metronome

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

What is groove if not the ability to play that note at that time! In the video I present here, I'm covering a very productive way of the basics of using the metronome.. remember, you want to use the metronome as a '' snare drum'' of 2 and 4.

I am presenting info that can really assist a beginning bassist or those revisiting the bass. Even some experienced bassists miss this. I do want to point out the importance of '' notes first'' before attempting to groove or play in time. This is a fundamental I teach my beginning students of separately finding the notes.. then get the rhythm patten together, finding the downbeats in each bar.. exploring this music fact from the get go will form good habits that builds solid musicianship.. note that this should be addressed before using a metronome on two and four.

contact me for bass lessons, as I work with students online worldwide.. from serious beginners to seasoned pro players..

Here is the link:

Have Fun! .. now, That IS important!

Wishing you productive practicing and constant improvement !


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