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Playing Bass in the Nashville Studios

In the many years I've been working the Studios in Nashville, one thing stands out in the craft/art of recording and creating .. Listen and let the song tell you what to play! .. remember that craft is how we do something and art is why we do something..

Knowing your chordal patterns, progressions and functional harmony is a must.. and backed up by years of playing different genres of music..

Listen consistently to good music.. not only to analyze and yes, write number charts ( one of the very best ways to learn chordal function and the arrangement of a song that builds the '' hills and valleys '' of the song emotionally..

Even if you primarily don't read music on the job.. learn it! nothing illustrates understanding music better.. regardless of the style a bassist plays.. you are addressing the ability of '' that note at that time'' .. the very definition of a good performance and skill on your instrument...

P.M. me here and will send you a list of books I currently use in my private teaching .. the real deal stuff, not fluff..

Learn Craft and you open a window into your Art and it's expression..


Steve Bryant

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